Lipit Starter Kit

Our impressive and cost saving Lipit lipstick remover.

Ideal for the removal of stubborn glass lipstick marks.

A pre-wash lipstick remover for use with a sponge or brush applicator.

exactly the same chemical as well known brands.

Step 1, pour 2 x 50ml of lipit fluid into the handy measuring cup.

Step 2, pour the 2 x 50ml of fluid into our Lipit glass sponge.

Step 3, GENTLY place the lip of any glass to the sponge. GENTLY rotate the lip in a twist motion to clean the edge of the glass. Now just put the glass in your glasswasher as normal in order to fully clean it.

DO NOT press down on the glass too hard as breakages could cause injury to your hand. Make sure you never use a chipped or broken glass. Our special Lipit fluid will do the hard work there is no need for pressure. To Clean, Empty and discard the contents of the sponge applicator, handwash thoroughly or place in your glasswasher for a cycle. For best results clean applicator daily.

Lipit is a registered trademark of Directimportsuk

LIPIT-S  Lipit starter kit. Our very own lipstick remover and application dish, absolutely great value. Why pay more?

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